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Cash Me Ousside Girl Has Gotten Her Own Music Video And How Bah Dah

Cash Me Ousside Girl Has Gotten Her Own Music Video And How Bah Dah

Latest internet craze.

Best known for speaking like "a drunk chihuahua" as someone described it as on YouTube, and attacking people including her mother we can blame Dr Phil for making this 13 year old famous.

Two days after she got salty with someone on a plane and got security involved, Danielle Bregoli in a music video called "Everything 1K" by Kodak Black.

It's pretty weird - she's just hanging inside a car, mouthing the words to the song. She's way to young to drive, despite her penchant for stealing them.

Video: World Star Hip Hop

A particular highlight is when Danielle is inside the car and waves some hot dollars around and then gives someone the finger with her horrendous talon claw fingernails.

She also gets a chance to show off her gold grill.

Staring into space wearing a t-shirt that says "Cash Me Ousside" her famous catchphrase, she looks pensive. Perhaps she's thinking about starting her own music career?

At one point a white poodle is shown, looking like it's taking a crap next to a letter box. Possibly how the dog feels about the music.

Over on YouTube, the comments aren't particularly positive. One person wrote: "whip 300K Iphone $100 Bankroll $247 Looking like a piece of white trash in a shitty video - Priceless."

Brutal. I think Danielle would approve of the savagery.

Marcus preferred the song to the video: "He wrote this song in prison the lyrics are actually pretty good for a Kodak song. The video just ruins it."

Rita L said: "I can't get over the fact that she's a middle schooler and got all this attention from being disrespectful to her mother."

Victor's Hell actually likes the song and calls out that Danielle is waving about $1 notes. "Song is ill as hell, but this video is fucking stupid as shit. This girl flexing on a Roll Royce which is clearly rented, she's got 1 100 dollar bill that it the rest are 20's and 1's. She don't even know the lyrics, this video is complete trash. #iphone5flexin ".

But Sprxt has the best comment so far: "I just...I don't even know what to say lol. No one can help our world anymore. After seeing this I'm sure that our world is so stupid that aliens have to come here and destroy everything. How can you even give this video a like. I just...I cant."

Featured Image Credit: World Star Hip Hop