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Things Heat Up When ‘Gingers Do Have Souls’ YouTuber Eats World’s Hottest Chilli

Things Heat Up When ‘Gingers Do Have Souls’ YouTuber Eats World’s Hottest Chilli

The Carolina Reaper holds the Guinness World Record for the hottest chilli on earth.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

I'm still trying to wrap my head around why on earth anyone would put themselves through eating a chilli that will pretty much make anyone vomit or shit their pants. But hey, if someone doesn't eat it then how will we know if it's really that hot.

Luckily enough, we don't have to wonder because we have CopperCab, otherwise known as the YouTuber behind 2010's viral 'Gingers Do Have Souls' video, doing the taste testing.

In a 21-minute clip uploaded to YouTube, Copper gears up to eat a Carolina Reaper chilli - which as of 2013 was named as the world's hottest chilli. It's believed to rank about 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville Scale, which is outrageously hot. For comparison, paprika is between 100-1,000 on the scale.

Check out the footage here:

So, surprisingly it didn't work out well for CopperCab, who ends up getting dear old grandmother Mema to take them to the hospital. Even though they had a few litres of milk handy for when things got hot and heavy, it did absolutely nothing.

CopperCab spends about half the video trying to get psyched up to eat the chilli, swearing every other word as their mates try to wind them up. But once the popular ranter finally eats the pepper, they can be seen pouring milk into their mouth and over their body to try and stem the heat. As you probably would.

Gingers Do Have Souls eats hottest chilli
Gingers Do Have Souls eats hottest chilli

Credit: YouTube/CopperCab

What is surprising was that CopperCab has a suspicious stain on the back of their pants before even eating the chilli. A few minutes after chowing down, they repeatedly ask: "Is there shit on myself? Did I shit me?" (Yeah, pretty concerning if you have to ask a question like that).

CopperCab was taking part in the Carolina Reaper Challenge, which has been attempted by thousands of people. Judging from the YouTube thumbnails, it doesn't exactly end well for those participants as well.

The YouTuber shot to fame in 2010 with the 'Gingers Do Have Souls' video, which has been viewed more than 42 million times on YouTube.

In the viral video, they tearfully criticise South Park for creating an episode which claimed that ginger-haired people don't have souls. They yell: "I go to church, I'm a Christian. You don't know me, you're not God."

According to TMZ, CopperCab - born Michael Kittrell - revealed last year that they were transitioning to become a woman and wanted to be known as Claire. The announcement caused a lot of speculation that it was an Internet stunt, but they responded saying that it would be 'dark' if someone made a joke about something as serious as transgenderism.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/CopperCab