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Brazzers Has Released A Blooper Reel And It's Hilarious

Brazzers Has Released A Blooper Reel And It's Hilarious

I think we all have to admit that porn is pretty funny. The acting, setting and plot lines are riddled with inconsistencies, but, more importantly, ridiculousness, and if you spend time watching the whole thing, the original reason for you putting it on becomes obsolete.

Of course we don't necessarily care that a woman's boiler is broken, or that a step mum has become increasingly lonely what with her husband always away, we're there for other reasons.

Despite our best efforts to skip to the good bits, there are actors who are putting at least 30 percent effort into their acting, making sure there's some context to the scene. And despite their average efforts, there are some bloopers that occur during the recording of the scenes.

Those filming for Brazzers seem to have a right laugh during shooting, or at least that's how it looks from the blooper reel the company has released. It does look like some of them are slacking off a bit, though, I fucking hope they're taking it seriously.


There might be some faces that you shamelessly recognise in there, as they struggle to keep a straight face, fall over and get hit by objects and more.

Truth be told it is pretty hard to sit through this without laughing and cringing, especially when two actors, sitting on the edge of a bath, fall into it while still, erm, connected. It does, in fairness, look like one hell of a laugh working in porn.

It's not that the actors are so bad (they're not great) but more that we know what it's all leading to and that there's always some kind of hilarity to sit through before we get there.


This particular scene, featuring a true legend of the laptop screens, Lisa Ann, just takes the piss.

Weirdly the veteran thinks that a lifeguard is needed for when someone is in a bath, so willingly comes to the aid of the protagonist of the story.

Then there's this scene, which is a bit prehistoric.

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New Zoom-Based Horror Film Has Been Released And It's Terrifying People


Some guy is waiting to take a man's daughter to her prom, but has to endure that awkward phase where he stands in the hall with her dad.

The actor playing the father looks as if he's been on the Babycham mixed with De-icer, giving out hardy, yet unconvincing, friendly arm slaps, before granting his spouse 'permission'.

It's a rather unceremonious altercation which leads the dad to (weirdly) happily send his daughter off to lose her virginity, but he quickly changes and becomes very angry.

Nothing, however, and I mean NOTHING, beats the opening scene from a film titled Tales from the Script.


Passengers on a flight find themselves in a spate of turbulence when an air stewardess comes rushing out of the cockpit screaming that there's too much weight on board.

In a bid to stop the plane going down, she opens the door mid-flight and tosses everyone's hand luggage out. She then claims they need to lose exactly 400lbs more, and throws a man out along with the bags and herself.

The rest of the passengers voluntarily exit the plane while it's still in the air, leaving two on the plane.


There's no prizes for anyone who guesses what happens next. Presumably the two remaining flyers decided that before their inevitable death they could kill some time.

Keep the laughs coming, I say.

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