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Oasis Fan Has To Get Awful Tattoo Covered Up By 'Tattoo Fixers'

Oasis Fan Has To Get Awful Tattoo Covered Up By 'Tattoo Fixers'

The cover up was rather extravagant, too.

A lot of people like to cling on to things from times gone by. If you go to the north west of England you're about 90 percent certain to see someone who has either grown sideburns, bought a Parka, walks with their arms flailing about, says "mad fer it" or wears sunglasses indoors - there's even a chance you'll see someone who does a combination of all of these things.

Many of them feel that Oasis had such an impact on them for the majority of the 90s and a large chunk of the 2000s that their legacy is worth holding onto. And, as you'd expect, quite a few of them commit themselves to getting a tattoo of some lyrics penned by the Manchester band.

Credit: E4

This guy Rolled With It, and got some lyrics inked on him. Ian, the Madchester fan, got the tat back in the 90s after a three-day bender on the ale. He approached Tattoo Fixers to fix the 'Fuck them all, U.R my Wunderwall' writing.

Not only are they not the actual words to the classic 'Wonderwall', but the finale of the whole thing - the name of the song - has been spelled incorrectly.

You can't blame him for Looking Back in Anger at the terrible decision, but Some Might Say it's proved his allegiance and true love for the band.

Appearing on the show, he was given the chance to rid his back of the awful inking. It was covered up with two large pictures of chief songwriter and guitarist Noel Gallagher, who, presumably, if he saw it, would not Stop Crying His Heart Out at his legacy being able to Live Forever on Ian's back.

Credit: E4

In fairness to Ian, he now as a rather great story to tell at parties that he attends. Though, if we're going to get bogged down with why he got the tattoo in the first place, I will happily say that of all the songs he chose to take lyrics from, 'Wonderwall' is the worst.

It's not a bad song, but it's not their best - but moreover, it's become so cliché. It's overplayed and will inevitably come on at a club night towards the end of the evening so everyone can link up and shout the lyrics. You can probably find someone who doesn't know any other Oasis songs that has 'you're my Wonderwall' tattooed on their wrist.

That being said, the Noely G cover up looks alright.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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