Funny Picture Of Jason Momoa With Husband And Wife Goes Viral

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Funny Picture Of Jason Momoa With Husband And Wife Goes Viral

How comfortable would you be with your wife posing for a photo without you with one of the world's most handsome men? Now also factor into that that the guy in question is huge, hairy and made his name acting in a fantasy drama as a horse lord who has no problem decapitating people for looking at him the wrong way. Still keen? Perhaps not.

Of course, Jason Momoa - if you hadn't already guessed who we're talking about here - is famously quite chilled and laid back, and is also happily married with two children, so you've more likely than not got nothing to worry about


However, a photo that features the huge Hawaiian cutting in on somebody's wife has gone viral all around the internet.


The wife in question is a Reddit user who goes by the profile name twoforjoy, and she met Momoa while on a day out with her husband at Denver's Comic Con.

She is obviously a huge fan of the Game of Thrones and Justice League star and asked for a photo with him on her own. Her husband, who is a braver man than most, it would seem, wasn't happy.

The resulting photo shows Momoa standing in a protective embrace with the woman in question, who is dressed in a Game of Thrones-style wolf skin cloak, while also holding her husband at arm's length across his face.

Credit: Reddit/twoforjoy
Credit: Reddit/twoforjoy

Arm's length for Jason Momoa is basically in the next city across, too, you'd have to imagine.

He then signed the photo exactly where you'd hope - right across her husband's face.

She went onto Reddit and posted: "I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa, but he wasn't comfortable with that."

Momoa seems to have been pretty pleased with how the photo came out afterwards too. According to another post from the same user, which read: "He was all about it. When he saw the print-out to sign it, he said: 'This is fucking amazing'."


Fair enough - as long as he is happy. You wouldn't like him when he gets angry, I'd wager.

However, her husband doesn't look too unhappy, and it's obviously all a joke, but one of the many commenters on Reddit thinks that his pleased expression might be from something else altogether.


They said: "He just wanted Jason Momoa to touch his face. Checkmate."

Big if true. Checkmate indeed, Momoa.

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