This Ghost Crashing Some Teenager's Dog Filter Snapchat Has Made My Weekend

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This Ghost Crashing Some Teenager's Dog Filter Snapchat Has Made My Weekend

Whenever I check out one of these ghosts-caught-on-camera videos, I expect to be so underwhelmed that my bowels remain intact and I end up sleeping like a log the same night. I never anticipate laughing at one of them, as I did with this Snapchat of an apparent spirit using the dog filter beside a French teenager.

This is the last thing Kilyanee Revel bargained for when messing about with the popular phone app. At first, when the second dog layout appears, she thinks nothing of it, presumably because Snapchat is somewhat known for recognising inanimate objects as humans. It's when the second 'dog' in the room sticks its tongue out that the alarm bells go off.

What? How? In order for that tongue effect to happen, a person has to open their actual mouth. But there is no person operating that second dog filter. It would be terrifying if it wasn't so hilarious.


This ghost clearly had a good time in its mortal life. Clearly had great cheeky-chappy, French banter. I'm very into this.

Kilyane posted the video to Twitter, writing: "Do you feel my discomfort?"

Credit: Kilyanee


Discomfort? What, from the hernia you developed after laughing so much at the fact the ghost in your house should not be hiding about in bedrooms but rather working here at LADbible HQ? I think so.

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