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Girl Emails Professor To Tell Them She Can't Finish Paper And They Responded Brilliantly

Girl Emails Professor To Tell Them She Can't Finish Paper And They Responded Brilliantly

We've all been there. You've got an assignment due and you've left it to the last possible moment. It's fine though, because you can just do an all-nighter and bang it out. The amount of nights I stayed up, fuelled by crisps and Red Bull, is ridiculous.

However, imagine you've left it to the last minute and you're about to settle in for a long night when your partner decides to fuck everything up by dumping you. How are you possibly going to do an all-nighter now?! You're crying, you're eating chocolate, you're punching the walls... I don't know. Everyone handles heartbreak differently.


I imagine you'd take one look at your assignment and tell it to get fucked before weeping into your pillow.

Then, the next day hits. You realise you've thrown your education away over something silly. Fuck. What do you do? Well, if you're Rachel Harriman you just email your professor. Why not? What's the worst that can happen?

Turns out that her professor is an absolute legend. Look...

And their reply...


I want that professor in my life.

Well, actually I don't because I graduated nearly five years ago.

It reminds me a lot of this lad...

Similarly to leaving an essay to the last minute, we all know this feeling too. You're on a night out, you've had twelve too many, and the only reasonable action plan seems to involve sending a completely incoherent message to whichever unfortunate member of your contact list happens to get embroiled in your drunken stupor.

And then you wake up the next morning, and that feeling of sudden dread slaps you round the face. You just stare at your phone, mentally preparing for the damage that lies behind its screen.

And after finally summoning the courage, it becomes apparent that you emailed your university lecturer and told him that you're sorry he's bald.

That's the fate that met this lad, who woke up to find the following email in his outbox.

Where do you start? Addressing your professor as a 'motherfuckn g', apologising for his lack of hair, promising him a hook-up, admitting how far behind you are on university work, or finishing the email by telling him you love him. And that's not to mention the 'keep slayin boi' bit. It really could have gone badly. But luckily, the professor clearly hadn't forgotten what it was like to be young, and sent this brilliant reply.

Credit: Twitter

Good yard indeed.

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