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Guy Teaches His Girlfriend A Lesson After Her Vague Pizza Order

Mark McGowan

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Guy Teaches His Girlfriend A Lesson After Her Vague Pizza Order

When it comes to deciding what to do with your other half, it can be quite frustrating. From both genders the response of 'whatever' or 'don't mind' is quite common, but helps very little.

For lads, if they're asked what film they want to see at the cinema, but are asked in the 85th minute of a 3-3 thriller on FIFA 17, then you can expect to hear is 'I don't mind love'. It's not until later, when they're sat down with their popcorn and Tango Ice Blast that they voice their disgust at having to watch some woman called Bridget Jones have a kid.

The shoe fits the other foot, too. Because, if a girl is midway through applying eye liner and their fella asks what take away they're ordering, 'whatever' is far too vague. A lot of planning goes into ordering some fast food.


If it's a curry, do you go for a Bhuna to spare the horror of what will happen to the toilet, ditching the spice. Or do you Vinadloo and face the music? If it's pizza, do we go half-and-half, lower the size and get side orders, get stuffed crust, and what base?! This is a full scale operation.

This guy knows this issue all too well. When trying to orchestrate what he and his missus shall get on their pizzas, she replied "whatever." Not knowing that to be a popular topping, he decided that a suitable punishment was in order.

Online, in the section which allows you to put in any special requests, he said: "Please send me an extra empty box that has 'whatever' written in big letters in it because that's what my girlfriend says she wants."


He, meanwhile, ordered a 16 inch BBQ chicken pizza. A worthy choice.

Though the backlash of him doing this was probably monumental, you can't deny that it will teach her a lesson.

Imagine it: sat there, salivating at the thought of a hot, cheesy, meat riddled pizza sitting on your lap, each slice accompanied by a healthy dollop of garlic and herb dip. Then, as you open the box, you're greeted by the words that have quite rightly come back to haunt you.


It's the real life equivalent of conceding a 94th minute winner in that 3-3 thriller mentioned earlier.

Pizza knowledge isn't for everyone, mind.

This guy asked his partner if a waiter offered to cut her pizza into either eight slices, or 12, what would she would go for. Unfortunately, her answer was a bit ridiculous.


Credit: Brad Holmes

She says: "I'd have eight Brad. This is what bugs me about you, you're not understanding what I'm saying. I'd have eight, because I can't eat the extra four, because that would be too much for me. Why are you laughing?!"

Millions of people went on to see her ridiculous blunder on Facebook. So there's literally no hiding from this.

It's tough to sell the importance of takeaways. To some people it's just quick food, to others it's much more. You can't just float into any old chicken shop or kebab house after a night on the ale - time has to be put into the decision, eventually meeting on something that all members of your party can agree on.


Fortunately there are people out there that are willing to cut out the middle man and make deciding that little bit easier for you. I'm thinking of one man in particular, of course.

He doesn't blend spices and make that oh-so-crispy skin, nor does he leave your mouth watering with his succulent thighs (talking about chicken), but he does go above and beyond to improve your overall chicken experience.

Known as The Chicken Connoisseur, this lad goes around reviewing chicken shops. He indulges himself in legs, thighs, and breasts, and then eats chicken on camera to tell us whether it's good or not.

It kind of brings a tear to your eye, doesn't it? After all the shite going on in the world, to know that there's people out there, who are willing to let us know where we should and shouldn't eat chicken; it just restores your faith in humanity.

If you're from the London area, you should have a watch of the series to get clued up on the dos and don'ts of our capital's chicken joints. And if you're not from London, watch them anyway, they're great.

I think to sum up the importance of a takeaway, we just need to take a look at this knight of the kebabs.

Drunk to the point where he has no control over his jeans - they're practically round his ankles - and he genuinely might believe his own name is the same as Wales' train station Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, he only has one thing on his mind: PRESERVING HIS DONNER MEAT!

Despite not being able to stand, nor see straight, he makes a beeline for his kebab.

He drops it, but that's no problem for him - he eats it off the floor, much to his mate's delight.

"Clearly a well brought up young man. Still using the cutlery and not resorting to using his hands," one commenter quipped when we posted this video on our Facebook page. With another adding: "He's a Diamond bloke for saving his kebab."

Be like this guy. Respect your take away.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Imgur

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Mark McGowan
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