Hilarious Little Lad's Texts To His (Now Ex) Girlfriend Are Savage

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Hilarious Little Lad's Texts To His (Now Ex) Girlfriend Are Savage

When you're 14, you start to realise how difficult relationships are. Everyone around you seems to be pairing off and you're becoming proper little adults. But with great relationships comes great difficulty.

This girl's little brother dumping his girlfriend in the most savage way possible.

Even I, a complete stranger, feel really bad for poor Loz.


It reads:

Loz: Why was you speaking to Jess today? xxxxxxx

Liam: Cos she's me mate

Loz: Do you fancy her more than me? xxxxxxxx


Liam: She's fit like xx

Loz: Does tha mean yeah?Xxxxxxxxxx

Liam: Dunno cba with a relationship though xx

Loz: Do you not want to be with me anymore? Xxxxxxxxxx


Liam: Nah not really sorry xx

Loz: Really Liam why didn't you say this before? xxxxxxxxx

Liam: Couldn't be assed with the hassle tbh xx

Loz: Crying face emoji x3 xxxxxxxxxx


Liam: Sorry x

Loz: It's fine I'll be okay xxxxxxxx

Liam: Have you got Jess number? x

He was not messing about.


The texts were uploaded to Twitter in May so hopefully Loz has got over it now.

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