Christian OnlyFans Model Who Earns £150k A Month Says Her Religion Won't Hold Her Back

Christian OnlyFans Model Who Earns £150k A Month Says Her Religion Won't Hold Her Back

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Jeep Driver Gets Parking Rage And Nudges BMW Into Place

Jeep Driver Gets Parking Rage And Nudges BMW Into Place

Picture the scene. You're driving along, desperately searching for a space in the carpark. In the distance, you see what could be a space. It's yours. Finally, you've got it.

Now, there are only two frustrating circumstances that can occur at this point when your luck is out.

  1. Some dickhead owns the smallest car in the world, and has moved so far into the space that they are concealed by the car in front of it. But OK, fine, not necessarily their fault.
  2. An absolute knobhead (usually in a German manufactured car) has parked over the white line - this is definitely their fault .

They've done this purely because they don't want to scratch their car. Clearly thinking they own the road. Well, they don't.


Time after time we consider doing several things, from keying the door, or being truly British and writing a polite notice, criticising their driving.

Thankfully, this Jeep driver has done what we all wish we could do.

In a seemingly spacious car park, the video shows a BMW parked across two spaces, presumably not to have their doors hit.

The passenger steps out the car to video the footage as the Jeep lines itself up.


Semi-gently, the Jeep then proceeds to ram the German-made car on the side to help nudge it into its correct space.

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Credit: Viral Videos Club / Youtube

Although it's perhaps not the most successful attempt at getting it in between the lines, the driver continues in his efforts before giving up and driving away.


Driver Reverses Into Maserati, BMW And Audi Getting Out Of Parking Space

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The video shows the dents and damage done to the BMW anyway - a lesson in why should always park your car correctly.

Road rage hits us all, if every driver learned to drive correctly, there would never be a problem.

Sometimes, though, something clicks. The brain goes from slightly stressed in traffic to full on anger.


Next time you're buying a car, make sure you keep in mind getting a Jeep. You'll never know when you need it...

Featured Image Credit: Youtube

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