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Lad Sets Himself Four-Hour Drunken Challenge And Snapchats It All

Mark McGowan

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Lad Sets Himself Four-Hour Drunken Challenge And Snapchats It All

You can go out in your best shirt, clean up your shoes, spend £150 on drinks, have a right old dance, sing with a busker, and have a right old laugh with the taxi man. But if you didn't Snapchat it, did it even happen?

Sadly, the youth of today believe that if a Snapchat isn't posted, then it's not really worth going out, because there's a real worry that nobody will ever know that you and your mates were shouting 'TO THE WINDOOOWWWWW, TO THE WAAALLLL', in a club at 2am.

Joe Troy is a man who utilised his Snapchat on a night out, but didn't use it in the same 'look at me with my double vodka Redbull in the club with my mates who wear skinny jeans' fashion that most do.

You see, Joe was subject to a drunken challenge set by himself, whereby he walks from Shinrone to Rath, both in Offaly, Reublic of Ireland, a total of about 50km apart he reckons, (though a quick Google Maps suggests it's just over 20km). Still a fair old drunken stumble that, though.

Four-and-a-half-hour walk? Absolutely no worries for our protagonist.

This is exactly the type of Snapchat you want to wake up to on a Sunday morning. It's ridiculous, it's funny, and it's not the usual five minutes story of Stacey dancing on a podium in a below average club.

Unfortunately he didn't complete the entire walk, but his mother came to his aid. What are mothers for if not for cleaning up our immense messes?

In the end, though, it doesn't matter if he finished the challenge or not. He managed to make every bit of it funny, which is the most important thing.

Featured image credit: Snapchat/Facebook

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Mark McGowan
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