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LADs Make Fake 'Geordie Shore' Twitter Account To Skip Club Queues

LADs Make Fake 'Geordie Shore' Twitter Account To Skip Club Queues

This is incredible.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Have you ever been stood in the rain outside your favourite club when there's 40 odd people ahead of you? In your head you think: 'God. I would give anything to queue jump'. But you're not one of those people who pushes in. Good for you. We all hate those people.

However, there is another way. You wouldn't be too arsed if a celebrity walked straight into the club, would you? Nah, because it means that you're going to a cool place.

Well, these LADs decided to make themselves unnoticeable... with a little help of a fake Twitter account.

Rahul Kapoor, 18, a student at Lancaster Uni, and Charlie Sands, 19, a student at Sheffield Uni, decided to make their mate, Peter Norris, into a Z-list celebrity. Because, well, why the fuck not?

As you can see by this extremely convincing account, they've left no detail out. Even down to the incredible Photoshop job on the cover image. See if you can spot the guy who's not actually in Geordie Shore - bet you can't. For half a second, anyway.

Credit: Twitter

They started it back in 2013 when Peter went to uni in Newcastle.

Speaking to LADbible, Rahul said: "We started the account originally as a joke between our friends about Peter as he is a walking meme, it's brilliant!"

They then followed a nightclub called Factory in Manchester off the 'official' Pete Geordie Shore account. The club followed back and, seeing as the queue was massive, they started tagging the club in Tweets such as this one...

Rahul explained: "Luckily the guys doing guestlist had good banter and got us in." Legends.

They even posted a Tweet about his 'guest appearance'.

How does Peter feel about all this?! Well, it's helped him with women so I don't think he'll be too bothered. Rahul said: "Peter usually hates attention but he's being surprisingly relaxed about this. His uni mates have even seen it too now!"

He continued: "Peter got chatting to some girls in the queue and they were loving it when he got them guestlist and after that they wouldn't leave him alone."

Charlie Sands, Ian Brown (who isn't in on the joke, obviously), Rahul Kapoor and the Geordie legend himself - Peter Norris. Credit: Supplied

Has anyone ever actually fell for it? Well, you'd be surprised: "Believe it or not, quite a few people have tweeted us thinking it's a real account. Especially when Factory tweeted about Pete making an appearance!" added Rahul.

Credit: Twitter

He's even started getting recognised: "We were sat in Wetherspoons last night and someone shouted 'Pete G Shore' at him!"

I love everything about this. Factory, make sure these LADs are on the guestlist every week, please?! Pete might even give you an autograph.

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Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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