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Landlord Tells Girl Seeking Accommodation That She Has To Lick His Feet

Landlord Tells Girl Seeking Accommodation That She Has To Lick His Feet

She'd get the room for free, though

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

Messy business, dealing with landlords. There always seems to be another payment to make, or another form to sign, or just something that is of major convenience to the whole moving-in saga.

Erin Clark found out a whole new level of shithousery while looking for accommodation in Paris.

The Scottish student had put out a post on social media, and was contacted by 'Franciso', offering her a room for free, so long as she followed his conditions, the Daily Mail reports.

Luckily, the odd guy isn't looking for sex, but he does insist that his housemates lick his feet, and own the key to his chastity belt.

The 19-year-old shared the exchange on Twitter, much to the dismay of her followers.

Erin needs to move to the French capital as part of her course at Edinburgh University, to study at the Paris Institute of Political Studies.

The unnamed Frenchman messaged her saying: "Hi, are you still looking for a room?" Delighted she may have found somewhere, Erin replied: "I am! Are you looking or offering?"

After asking for more details regarding the property, the man worryingly said: "So, it's a big studio flat with two beds, kitchen, toilets, a big wardrobe, and a balcony. It's a big studio flat but for sharing, but there are two beds.

"I'm gonna live [there] too. Yeah, I've got pics. But I explain the conditions, I'm submissive and I've got a foot fetish, so it would be for free in terms of money, but I'm asking for two services, licking your feet sometimes.

"And then, I wear a chastity device. You might wear the key of the chastity device in a bracelet, so I'm not looking for sex, I've got the device.

"Would you be interested? Are you fine with the conditions?"

He revealed that the chastity device he wears is called the CB 3000, which as Erin quite rightly points out, sounds like a broom stick from Harry Potter.

When he first messaged her, the 19-year-old thought her house hunting woes had come to an end, even telling her mum she'd found somewhere to live.

"I thought it was like so convenient and almost too perfect when he was offering a room," she said. "I told my mum I'd finally found somewhere and then received the foot message, and had to tell her it was like a bad area and not suitable."

Jesus Christ. Hopefully she'll find somewhere to live without having to lick someone's mucky trotters.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter

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