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Man Shocked After Drunk Passerby Asks If He Can Come In For 'S***' Over Doorbell Camera

Man Shocked After Drunk Passerby Asks If He Can Come In For 'S***' Over Doorbell Camera

He declined the man's request

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A Scottish plasterer was shocked to find a passing drunk man ringing his doorbell asking to have a poo in his house. Watch what happened:

Sean Ewart, 27, was relaxing at home when his doorbell rang. When he answered it, he found an inebriated man asking to come in for a 's****'.

When you've got to go, you've got to go.

Sean, who had been watching Only Fools and Horses in his home in the Gorbals, Glasgow, had the hilarious exchange recorded by his doorbell camera.

The drunk man says: "Alright mate, I was just wondering whether you'd let me in for a s****?"

Sean replies to him: "Naw mate."

Clearly worse for wear, the man continues: "How no, you f**** d***, you f****** bam, let us in for a s****!"

Deadline News

Laughing, Sean stands his ground and declines again.

The drunk then goes on to call him a 'f***** p****'.

Sean says: "Get off my driveway or I'll phone the police" as the unknown man gives Sean a final 'f*** you!"

On Sunday (11 April), Sean decided to share it on Twitter, uploading the video and writing: "F****** mental man this bam came to my door last night wanting in for a s****."

The clip was viewed thousands of times, with social media users finding it hilarious.

Deadline News

One said: "I'd have done it on his doorstep."

Another wrote: "Scots law - he should of let him in."

A third simply added: "That's brilliant."

Speaking today (12 April), Sean said: "I was taken aback for sure, I knew the guy was drunk.

"But I wasn't letting him in due to Covid-19 as I don't know him."

And to be fair, regardless of Covid, you wouldn't really want a stranger coming in for a drunk poo, would you?

Ring doorbells are the gift that keeps on giving. Just last week, a guy was caught sucking a bottle on his mate's camera, without realising it was his mum watching.

James Bowes, 20, always does 'something funny' when he gets to his mate's house, Harry Cassells, but this time he took things up a notch when he started pulling a strikingly odd face followed by sucking the neck of a bottle.

That was until Harry's mum spoke through the front door camera.

Speaking from her phone, Harry's mum said: "We can see you," before laughing hysterically.

Mortified James told Harry: "I was doing weird things for Harry could see... I was doing weird things in there [points at camera] so you could see and she's just seen them... mate you should have seen what I was doing."

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