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Man Tries 'Labour Pain Simulator' With Pregnant Wife At Controls

Man Tries 'Labour Pain Simulator' With Pregnant Wife At Controls

A husband got a taste of what women across the world have to go through when he was hooked up to a 'labour pain simulator'.

Chris Balmert, from Cleveland, Ohio, let his pregnant wife, Lindsay, fit the muscle-contracting machine just three days before she was due to give birth.


And while men often suffer nothing more than a lack of sleep after their loved one has just pushed a human into the world, this guy was left writhing in pain and apologising to womankind.

The vlogger, who joked that childbirth was 'a piece of cake, ladies' after the first simulated contraction, started to squeal and gripped onto his partner's leg as she cranked up the device.

Watch this LAD experience childbirth here...

The dad cried: "Is this how I sound when you're in labour? Because I honestly want to punch you in the face."


"If I rip this couch I'll just buy a new one. I want to cry," Chris added while Lindsay told him to focus on breathing.

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Chris, who already has a young son with his wife, said the pain was so intense that it forced his legs in the air and he could even feel it 'downstairs'. Yikes.

Lindsay had given Chris a safe word of 'epidural', just in case he couldn't handle the birth.

Chris eventually tapped out and did plenty of screaming for the few minutes he was 'in labour'.

Chris said: "It feels like my belly button is being pulled through my body.

"I feel so bad for you, I'm so sorry."

Lindsay, who finally put Chris out of his misery and shut down the machine, said that 'every husband should do this' as he lay limp on the couch.

On inspiring other women to get out the birth simulator, Chris said: "I feel so bad because now every wife is going to see this video and tag their husbands and I'm going to look like a sellout."

Just days after Chris got over the trauma of his simulated birth, Lindsay had to do it for real and brought Ryann Marie into the world.

Take note and don't ever compare the pain of being kicked in the nuts to childbirth again.

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