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Mum Has A Unique Way To Stop Her Kid Drinking Her Vodka

Mum Has A Unique Way To Stop Her Kid Drinking Her Vodka

And it worked.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

If you can cast your mind back to your mid-teens, you can probably remember the rigmarole you had to go through to have an alcoholic drink.

There'd be waiting on street corners hoping someone old enough would go into a shop for you, giving your parents your best puppy eyes to get them to give you some beers, or robbing your mum's spirits, pouring the liquid goodness into a water bottle and then refilling the original bottle with water so it still looks full.

Every step of the way there was always your mum or dad watching over your shoulder, making sure you weren't being too much of a miscreant.

Cheryl, mum to 17-year-old Spencer Slavazza, has been doing that just that to her son, but in a rather unusual fashion.

"She is always looking for ways to monitor me," Spencer told BuzzFeed, as he spoke of her revolutionary way to make sure he didn't drink her vodka.

Cheryl had bought a bottle from Costco which boasts a built-in, pre-programmed digital banner so you can display any message you want.

As Spencer was walking past the bottle that had been left on the kitchen side, he noticed the message read: "DRINK THIS N I'LL WHOOP YA ASS."

my mom thinks she's so clever :sob:.

By his own admission his mum likes to "keep it fun" while setting out a couple of strict but reasonable rules.

"I consider myself a responsible child as I'm underage and respect my mom's rules," he said, while also confirming that he has most certainly not touched Cheryl's vodka.

Featured Image Credit: Spencer Slavazza via Facebook

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