Pigeon Flies Straight Into The Face Of A Man On A Rollercoaster

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Pigeon Flies Straight Into The Face Of A Man On A Rollercoaster

Don't you hate when you're on a rollercoaster and a pigeon flies right into your face and you're like 'Ahh, what are the odds? What are the fucking odds!'

No. It never happens to anyone - except this unlucky guy.

He experienced the bizarre phenomenon of being trolled by a fearless pigeon mid-ride on Ferrari Land at Portaventura in Spain.

Watch as the man's fun is almost instantly brought to a messy halt when a pigeon appears to career straight into his face and neck.


At first, he's like 'What the fuck?'. He panics as he tries to remove the thing from around his throat, whatever that thing is.

It's when the bird flies off away from him in a hurry that he freaks out.

I don't Spanish but I assume the translation would be close to, 'Did you just see that pigeon on my neck? Holy shit.'


The man then calms down and resumes the cheering intrinsic to riding roller coasters.

Image: YouTube

The identities of the man and his friend are not known, which is a shame, because their story needs to be heard.


The online reaction has been exemplary.

"I love how he just brushed off the pigeon and enjoyed the rest of the ride anyways. It's exactly how you should deal with the bullshit in your life lol," Jon Bon wrote.

Not everyone found it amusing, though. Marina Powell wrote: "Why did he throw it? I would've held onto it until the end of the ride to make sure it's okay."

RIP, PortAventura pigeon.

Featured Image Credit: PortAventura

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