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Unbelievable Scenes As Woman's Boob 'Explodes' During Tattoo

Unbelievable Scenes As Woman's Boob 'Explodes' During Tattoo

Holy shit.

This is the moment a pro tattoo artist fell off his chair in shock when the boobs of female client burst as he was inking her.

In the video, the artist can be seen tattooing the young woman's right shoulder as her friends watch on.

It's after he dips his needle into a jar in ink that he gets the surprise of his life, when her boob suddenly pops.

Video: Live Leak

The artist yells and falls back off his chair as the woman's friends run away in terror.

Not is all it seems, however. The tattoo artist has been part of a practical joke, set up by the woman, who laughs at the scared guy's expense.

Image: Live Leak

The footage, filmed at an unknown location in China, was uploaded to YouTube with the caption: "Milk jugs burst."

"I am horrified those weren't real," one commenter wrote. "I feel like I don't know reality anymore."

Another lamented the prank, saying "Not sure it is a good idea to startle a tattooist in the middle of applying permanent ink."

I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty positive this couldn't actually happen in real life, but I suppose we should be content that we've had a glimpse of what it would look like.

I wonder how the tattooist is getting on. If this was on a TV show, there would be a follow-up interview showing him laughing over the whole thing.

He may have hung up the gun for good, or at the very least developed a phobia of balloons.

Featured Image Credit: Live Leak

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