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Hungry Husband Stops Off For Chicken Nuggets While Wife Is In Labour

Hungry Husband Stops Off For Chicken Nuggets While Wife Is In Labour

The miracle of childbirth is an incredible thing. To witness a person come into the world is something that human beings have marvelled at since the dawn of time.

It's magnificent, it's beautiful, it's messy, it's disgusting and according to one fast-food-loving North Carolina man, it's best enjoyed with a belly full of delicious chicken nuggets.

Wes and Lacey Cope were expecting their fourth child and when Lacey's waters broke, the couple made their way to the hospital.

However, instead off shooting straight there in a mad hurry, Wes decided to take a detour.


Credit: Mike Kalasnik/Creative Commons

It seems that by child number four, the novelty wears off a tad and it really becomes more about chicken nuggets than witnessing the dawn of a new life.

"She was relaxed, and I was starving," Wes told the Charlotte Observer shortly after their son Finn Sullivan Cope was born.


That's right, en route to the maternity unit, the couple stopped by their local branch of Chik-fil-A to grab some birthing snacks.

"If you want Chick-fil-A to move fast, tell them your wife's in labour. They did," Wes told the Charlotte Observer.

We'll bear that in mind, Wes.

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Wanting More Chicken Nuggets Is Not A Crime

Wanting More Chicken Nuggets Is Not A Crime

It seems that as Lacey is such an old hand at giving birth she was totally relaxed and happy enough for her hungry, hungry husband to smash a few nugs into his face to prep himself for the action.


However, if you're expecting a baby in the near future, we'd like to take this opportunity to advise against stopping off for pre-birth nuggets, unless you're looking for a divorce, an expensive valet bill and a shameful story to tell the grandkids.

This isn't the only time Chik-fil-A made headlines recently.

A branch of the fast-food chain in Alabama has been in the news this week after entering into a hilarious back-and-forth battle of wits with a neighbouring restaurant.


The drama started when Chick-fil-A used its outside signboard to announce a new Smokehouse BBQ Sandwich.

Naturally, this didn't go down well with adjacent Moe's Original Bar B Que, which was quick to hit back, posting "I thought we were friends," followed by a pointed "Open Sundays" underneath, on its own billboard.

Chik-fil-A spotted the message and opened up a back-and-forth with the rival sandwich shop.

Fast-food fans on social media have been loving the exchange, which has currently had around 6,000 shares on Moe's Facebook page.


"I just love this.. I have laughed so hard! I'll be going to Moe's tomorrow, Chick-fil-A Wednesday," said one social media user.

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