Internet Responds To The Question: 'What Sentence Immediately Kills A Date?'

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Internet Responds To The Question: 'What Sentence Immediately Kills A Date?'

What's the worst date you've ever been on? I bet you're thinking about it right now. Bad, wasn't it? Remember when that thing happened? Yeah. Really, really bad.

Either that, or you've never been on a date and you've just come here to laugh at other people's misery. Dude, I get that. Respect.

LukeInTheSkyWith decided to ask Reddit: 'What sentence kills a date?'.

In the question, it didn't say it had to be real or hypothetical, and I think that's what made it so perfect. The answers were a mix. Some, you don't actually know if they happened or not. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Personally, I'm going to pretend that they all happened.


NickTab: "I'm a member of the church of scientology."

immortalpotatoes: "You didn't tell anyone you came here, right?"


Cat_Boy: "Let's make this quick because I have another date in an hour."

SnowBird312: "My only life aspiration is to get a girlfriend" and following that "You should move to California with me."


the_ragamuffin: "I'm already wearing a condom, just in case."

paralyzedbyindecisio: "I just had a friend where a guy told her that he only wanted to go on the second date if she was going to have sex with him. She declined."


SleepNowMyThrowaway: "My mom wants to come with us..."

g0chu: "Well, my last boyfriend/girlfriend..."

quantum_gambade: "I love that you don't try too hard to be pretty."

Jilltro: "Don't worry it's not contagious" and yes, someone said that to me on a date.


Neuroticmuffin: "My last tinder date said this while we were eating dinner, 'By the way if we're gonna end up having sex, wear a condom, last time i ended up having a daughter"' - I noped the fuck out of that."

Have you had a terrible date that you don't mind telling us about? Send them in to [email protected]

Words by Mel Ramsay

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