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Woman Gutted When She Bought Wood Instead Of A Flat Screen Telly

Woman Gutted When She Bought Wood Instead Of A Flat Screen Telly

It pays to shop around.

If a deal looks too good to be true - it usually is. For example, back in the mid-00s I was scammed. My sister and I went to an 'auction' once and got completely fucked over. Paid £50 for a disposable lighter... don't ask how.

Luckily, it seems there's more gullible people out there than me. Take Tiara Chatman, for example. She bought a 55" Smart TV off Facebook. Well, at least she thought she did. Upon closer inspection she realised it was a piece of wooden board covered in bin bag.

I know it's bad to laugh at other people's misery but...

Buying stuff online is great. It's easy, you can compare prices quickly... all in all it's much less effort than having to wrestle OAPs in Home Bargains on a Saturday afternoon when you could be lying in bed in your pants.

There's always risks, though...

Look at this guy who thought he'd got a bargain rug for his mum online.

Or this backpack which, weirdly, is the perfect size for a cat

Halloween's fun but this is a bit much...

Credit: Twitter

Size is clearly an issue when it comes to buying things online.

Maybe it's worth staying safe and going out to shop. Actually, fuck that. I'd rather sit in my pants.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook

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