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'Game Of Thrones' Incest Scenes Force Developer To Change Street Name

'Game Of Thrones' Incest Scenes Force Developer To Change Street Name

Some are not happy about how 'close' Jaime and Cersei got

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When trying to explain Game of Thrones to people who haven't seen it, it's hard to skip over the fact that there's a bit of... well, incest.

When the first episode of the first season aired, for instance, viewers were taken aback by the sexual relationship between Cersei and Jaime Lannister, even though they're twin brother and sister. And that's without mentioning *SPOILER ALERT* recent incidents.

But there are always people who have trouble drawing a distinction between TV fiction and reality. It now seems as though there are some people in Victoria, Australia, who don't want a street to be named in reference to the show.

Developers of a new Geelong suburb wanted all the streets in Charlemont Rise to be inspired by Game of Thrones characters and locations.

The new area features places like Winterfell Road, Stannis Street, Baelish Drive, Tully Street, Snow Street, Meereen Street and Catelyn Road. But the one which drew the most amount of controversy was Lannister Road.

Cersei and Jaime Lannister
Cersei and Jaime Lannister

Credit: HBO

A neighbouring estate has reportedly objected to the road being named after the dynamic, blonde duo. Project manager Gary Smith has told the Geelong Advertiser: "They objected to that fact that it had a reference to ­incest... it's a fictional series. We wanted it for our shopping centre strip because it is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue.

"Unfortunately, [although] we tried everything we could, we got knocked back by the Office of Geographic Names. It is really hard to come up with street names these days, I always liked the Game of Thrones names as they are a bit out there.

"We wanted original names as everything is ­already taken in Geelong, you have to think outside the circle."

The Office of Geographic Names says that street names can be rejected if they cause offence to the general public.

After much thought, the thoroughfare has now been renamed... Precinct Road.


Apparently, that fits better considering that the road will be used as a shopping precinct, even though it doesn't fit with any of the other names.

Mr Smith says the only other complaint about the name was that it was going to be changed to Precinct Road - thirteen properties will have to be readdressed as a result.

Interesting that the people who initially complained didn't have a problem with any other names like Stannis (who kept his young daughter locked in a tower before having her burned at the stake) or Baelish (who is a conniving, scheming man who used to own a brothel and pretty much sparked all the inter-house violence).

At least if you liked any of the other characters, you can still get excited about building your own Game of Thrones-inspired home.

Just don't build a fence as high as the Wall.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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