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'Time Traveller' Reveals The Machine That 'Took Him To The Future'

Tom Wood

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'Time Traveller' Reveals The Machine That 'Took Him To The Future'

Ever wondered what the future has in store? Of course you have - but some people are actually claiming that they're experiencing it before it has happened.

The latest guy stating to have visited the future is called 'David' and he is from Slovenia.

He says that he went on a personal voyage of discovery to find out more about time travel. On his quest he encountered a man called 'Jack Lion Cousteau', who let him into the secrets of how to skip between the centuries.

He showed David his time machine and gave him the know how to build his own.

It looks pretty much like a car stereo, and old tape player, and a computer monitor. It turns out most people have the materials to build a functioning time machine in their garage - who knew?

Credit: Apex TV
Credit: Apex TV

David's machine has since helped him to embark on a selection of time travelling escapades that he said 'nobody will believe'.

You might just be onto something there, David.

Speaking with Apex TV - the conspiracist's YouTube channel of choice - David said: "I dreamed about making it [the time machine].

"Eight years I left everything, even my family, to make the machine, it was my dream. During that investigation I have passed through (the) whole world.

"I tried to find an example of the time machine or find the person who could know even a little behind it.

"I met person who had a wound on the head from a laser weapon. Another person showed me a photo from the 35th century.

"In France I even met a person who had made a time machine, which worked by the help of electricity and water. His name is Jack Lion Cousteau, this happened in '28."

He continued: "One could travel in the future or in the past. Jack had been even in 5th century.

"I found out that travelling can hurt very much because the machine works by the help of the electric energy.

"It passes through the wall barrier and could leave serious damage."

Exactly what that means is both unclear and slightly irrelevant. What we really need to know is: What did David see on his journeys to the future?

Well - we've got some big buildings in the 45th century, some have more than 500 floors, which is impressive, I guess.

We also have apparently developed 'flying machines' - perhaps nobody has told David that we actually already have those.

Credit: Apex TV
Credit: Apex TV

He claims to have time travelled 20 times, but his machine can only take him forward. He chose not to expand on how he managed to get back to our time if he can only travel forwards.

I'm sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for it.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

Topics: time travel, Weird, YouTube

Tom Wood
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