Man Rejects Girlfriend On Kiss Cam So She Kisses The Guy Next To Her, Obviously

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Man Rejects Girlfriend On Kiss Cam So She Kisses The Guy Next To Her, Obviously

You know when you go to see a basketball with your significant other, and the kiss cam gets pointed at you, and they don't kiss you? How annoying is that?!

Okay, I have no idea how that feels. I'm not American. However, it seems to really piss off this woman. I guess the English equivalent would be your boyfriend not 'liking' a picture of the roast dinner you made and posted on social media.

So anyway they're at the game, the camera pans around to them and... her fella's not interested. Not one bit. She tries for a few seconds but then decides to ask the bloke on her left instead.


As you can see from the vid above, he's not impressed. At all.

He storms off (understandably).

Now, I don't know about you. But this kind of feels staged? Maybe I just can't believe that someone would do that in front of their partner that they're supposedly into. Perhaps I just think too much of people? I don't know. But it's dodgy, right?

Speaking of cheating, remember the girl who accidentally text her boyfriend about her plans to cheat?


Jordan McNelly was working 60 hours to save some money so he could take himself and his girlfriend, Zoe, away on holiday. Seems like a nice bloke, doesn't he?

Zoe, however, appeared to get bored of her hardworking significant other and arranged a secret hook-up with another fella - but her plans were scuppered when Jordan changed his shifts at work, meaning that he was free on the evening she had intended to meet 'Man Number Two'.

Here's the message in full:


Credit: Twitter/@jordanMcnelly

She even has the cheek to sound a bit pissed off about the fact that he's not working now and wants to see her.

Obviously, the message was intended for a friend of the woman...very much not meant for Jordan. She then tried to explain it away as a 'dream', apparently.

Jordan wrote on Twitter: "I deleted everything but she said it was a dream she had and she meant to send it to a friend."


Jordan then decided to share the message with his Twitter followers and has since gone viral, with thousands of people rushing to tell him that he's better off without her.

Unsurprisingly, Jordan has since said that he's ended the relationship and described his ex as 'not the brightest'.

Don't cheat, lads. It's not good for anyone.

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