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The Queen Is Talking To Us Via Her Handbag

The Queen Is Talking To Us Via Her Handbag

Elizabeth I (the Renaissance one), could speak six languages but could she talk with her handbag?

No, the Virgin Queen could not. But Elizabeth II can. She's that good at being queen, reports The Daily Mail.


Royal Historian Hugo Vickers has (revealed) the secret gestures that Elizabeth II uses. He reckons she is using a secret code so as to not offend people. I'm impressed that no one has cottoned on to this before - our 90-year-old monarch is pretty smart, or it's FAKE NEWS.

Turns out the Queen's handbag isn't just a nice accessory used for storing an extra Hermes hanky (I'm assuming - I know she doesn't carry a wallet so who knows what's in there). As we all know, the Queen spends her time in between petting corgis to meet and greet everyone from fellow monarchs, to diplomats and even plebs like you and me. Must be exhausting! And obviously she can't pretend to go to the bathroom anytime she has an awkward chat with someone like I do at parties. Intead, she's come up with her own system. She uses her bag to signal to her staff when she's ready to move on from a chat.

Guy's as boring as fuck! Credit: PA

So apparently if the Queen shifts her bag from one hand to the other, it's because she is bored talking to you.


And if she places the bag on the table, it's because she wants to go! It's a five-minute warning to her ladies-in-waiting that she is done with the conversation.

One of her helpers will promptly get rid of you. But you know, in a polite way. Instead of saying: 'You have bored THE QUEEN you moron!' they will instead introduce you to the Archbishop of Canterbury or gently lead the Queen away. They won't set the corgiss on you, or let her hit you with her handbag. Don't worry.

And if she really wants to get out of the conversation, she'll start twisting her ring.

Oh God, not my son again. Credit: PA

That's a danger alert.

But she's not the only member of the royal family who has secret codes. Kate Middleton does a similarly sneaky thing. If she doesn't want to shake hands, she'll hold her clutch bag in front of her with both hands, apparently.

Breakfasting In Buckingham Palace

I'm not sure what I thought the Queen masticates - mostly cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off and Earl Grey tea, but I wasn't expecting her to eat breakfast cereal! Like a normal person. But apparently she does and she likes Special K. In the royal kitchen there is also Weetabix and porridge.

I'm more of a Cheerios person myself, but on a cold morning, some Weetabix with hot milk goes down a treat. What's your favourite cereal? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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