Wigan Clubgoer Risks It All By Having A Shit On The Dancefloor


Wigan Clubgoer Risks It All By Having A Shit On The Dancefloor

Nightclubs nowadays aren't to everyone's taste, especially considering the rate of nightclub closures in Britain. But there's not liking nightclubs and then there's taking a dump in one - which is what a young man in Wigan decided to do.

In a bystander's video, the man can be seen crouching down as he relieves himself on the dancefloor.

The release is then interrupted, and no doubt ruined, by an obviously hot-headed security guard who grabs him by the neck and launches him away from the spot.


Jeans still down by his knees, the man trips and falls on his way to the exit.

The guard makes a gesture towards the door as the camera attempts to get a sneak-peak of the poo.

The incident, which was posted on Twitter, occurred at Reflex in Wigan on Saturday night.


Speaking about the experience, he said: "He was like this for a while.

"The DJ was trying to get someone to drag him out, too late!

"The bouncer ended up with s*** all down his leg."

That's the beauty of clubbing, though. You win some, you lose some.


Words by Josh Teal

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Josh Teal

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