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Robbie Williams Reveals Mental Health Demons Have Brought Him To The Edge

Robbie Williams Reveals Mental Health Demons Have Brought Him To The Edge

“The things I’ve put myself through, I’ve been close to…It’s like, ‘By the grace of God go I’. It’s been so close so many times"

When Robbie Williams is on stage, he's this smiling, jumping, energetic artist that can't be contained.

But behind closed doors, he's a man who's facing some pretty tough inner demons.


The 'Angels' singer has been relatively open about his mental health issues, which go all the way back to his Take That days; but in a candid interview with the Sun, Williams reveals that that battle with his mind has brought him to the brink several times.

"Fortunately and unfortunately, left to my own devices, I'm inclined to sabotage everything," the musician said.

"I've got a disease that wants to kill me and it's in my head, so I have to guard against that."


Since his teenage years, he's reportedly battled mental illness, obesity, self-esteem issues, alcoholism, and substance abuse. The latter became so bad that Elton John booked him into a clinic to address his drug use, which appeared to be related to the depression he was experiencing.

Williams had to cancel several Russian tour dates last September after he wound up in ICU. He was flown to London for emergency tests after falling ill following a performance at a stadium in Zurich, with doctors finding 'abnormalities' in his brain.

He released a video on his YouTube account explaining what was behind his sudden health scare but insisted he was on the mend.

In his interview with the Sun, he was asked about how the death of George Michael affected him. Williams says while they were 'bitchy' to each other during their careers, they were 'fond acquaintances'.

But Robbie says when the former Wham! singer died on Christmas Day in 2016, it made him reassess life.

"It was just a dreadful year, all of everybody's heroes ­disappear, you're realising you're not immortal and never more so than being 43 having two kids," he said.

"The things I've put myself through, I've been close to...It's like, 'By the grace of God go I'. It's been so close so many times.

He's currently in Australia for The Heavy Entertainment Show Tour, which has so far gone through the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and New Zealand.

It's rare for a celebrity of Williams' calibre to be so open about their mental health struggles, but his candour could help others confront their demons and make a positive change. Hopefully he's getting the help and support that he needs.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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