Incredible Dog Becomes A Hero After Saving Woman From A Burning Building

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Incredible Dog Becomes A Hero After Saving Woman From A Burning Building

Puppy Che AKA #firedog is a certified legend, saving a woman from a house fire and putting his life in danger at the same time.

He's in the wars now after the heroic, selfless act in Philadelphia after he was found lying on his owner's chest, preventing her from being more burned. She is currently in a critical condition in hospital.

It was his barking in the night that alerted neighbours who then called the authorities. The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team (RPERT), which works alongside the Philadelphia Fire Department, was called to the scene.


"Neighbours stated that it's unusual for him to be barking at that time and that is what woke them," RPERT posted on October 23. "They are saying that the dog saved everyone!"

After the fire Che, who is currently being looked after by the Red Paw Team, needed some much-deserved TLC. He recently got a surprise visit from the Philadelphia Fire Department firefighters that rescued him to give him just that.


Che continues to be on oxygen to help his breathing and the centre has said that he will most likely be released in the next few days.

This is just another example of why dogs are man's best friend while a cat would just leave you burning and is totally fed up of your shit.

Featured image credit: Facebook/The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team (RPERT)

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Hamish Kilburn
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