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Shark Weighing A Massive 32 Stone Caught Off The Coast Of Cornwall

Shark Weighing A Massive 32 Stone Caught Off The Coast Of Cornwall

An absolutely massive shark was reeled in off the coast of Cornwall before being released back into the sea.

The 32-stone (450lbs) monster was a porbeagle shark which is the cousin of the more famous great white.

The video is incredible...


Weirdly, the guy who caught it is a Frank Sinatra impersonator. I don't know why that's relevant but I suppose it adds a bit more depth to the story. Jay Oxenham (who I assume was belting out 'Come Fly With Me' as he reeled the shark in) loves fishing. He probably wasn't expecting this beast though.

The 46-year-old couldn't lift the massive shark onto his boat due to its weight after wrestling with it for the best part of two hours.


He brought it alongside the boat and measured and photographed it before releasing it back into the sea. The shark wasn't harmed.

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The Mirror reported that they managed to calculate the weight by using a formula of measuring its length and girth.


Jay, from Lambourn, Berkshire, said: "I love catching sharks. They are amazing creatures and just getting them alongside the boat or in the boat is great.

"I had no idea how big the porbeagle was at first but after wrestling with it for half an hour I knew it was a big fish.

"I was fighting it for one and three quarter hours. My forearms were in agony and I was worried I was going to lose my rod. The last 15 minutes I had to put it in a harness. We eventually managed to get the shark up against the boat and take some pictures.

"We were hopping around the boat. My son John was with me and he had never seen a porbeagle before. We had to pick his jaw up off the floor. It was 8ft long and as wide as a cow.


"We reckon it must have weighed 450lb. We were absolutely ecstatic and also so, so relieved."

He's going to need a bigger boat.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Oxenham/BNPS

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