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'Shark Whisperer' Lets Himself Get Bitten By Sharks

'Shark Whisperer' Lets Himself Get Bitten By Sharks

Mad bastard.

It's of my personal opinion that if you work closely with sharks, you are in fact a mad bastard.

Whether it is actually considered a brave, or lunacy is up for debate, but there can often be a fine line between the two.

49-year-old Riccardo Sturla Avogadri has been working with the predators for 30 years, and is touted as a 'shark whisperer'.

Riccardo pioneered the 'relax immobility' technique to hypnotise them, and during a recent dive off the coast of Grand Bahama Island, he demonstrated his techniques for surviving an attack by the sharp-toothed creatures. Unlike this poor guy when he was bitten in the privates.

Basically he let sharks bite him.

The marine biologist is shown provoking the predators, teasing them with food, causing them to lock their jaws around his arm.

Thankfully, due to his techniques, he got out of his underwater wrestling match unscathed.

Credit: SWNS

Photographer Troy Iloski, who witnessed the events, said: "Riccardo Sturla Avogadry is a highly experienced shark expert trainer.

"Riccardo is demonstrating to a group of students how to act in a emergency situation with a sharks.

"Sharks use exploratory bites first to see what the object is made of.

"I as a photographer I have a big camera on the front of me and I use it as a shield to push away the feisty sharks."

Credit: SWNS

I think I'll probably stick to dry land, to be honest.

Featured image credit: SWNS

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