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Abandoned 'Batman-Themed Nightclub' In Thailand Looks Creepy As Hell

Abandoned 'Batman-Themed Nightclub' In Thailand Looks Creepy As Hell

A six-floor Batman-themed nightclub, first of all, sounds awesome. The fact it had a beacon of light that displayed the Batman signal so people knew when it was open is even cooler.

The problem was pretty obvious. It opened in 1994 and attracted people who loved getting drugged up for the evening. The ecstasy-loving masses were attracted to the club like a moth to a Batman signal.


Just 18 months after it opened, the club (based in Thailand) was shut down for underage drinking and drug use. Damn.

American Photographer Dax Ward visited the club in October this year to check out what's happened to it - but now it looks more like Arkham Asylum. Plus, it's apparently filled with bats. Irony? Maybe.


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Dax said: "Today, this place stands derelict, flooded and full of bats.

"Batman lights would beam across the city to attract customers - it also seems to have been a snooker club on the members only upper floors. Only the bottom two floors were a disco. In total, it has six floors.

"I'd read about the location online and seen some pictures from others that looked interesting. I wanted to have a look and see if I could produce some images that convey my vision of the site."

The nightclub is now owned by a local bank which repossessed the property. However, it seems to have been left to rot.

Dax continued: "The flooded area on the ground floor was a dance area with a bar and stage.

"Usually I feel relaxed while photographing decaying locations - but this was different. It was unsettling from the moment we set foot inside. You get the sense that something is just not right. I definitely wouldn't come here at night, for both concerns of my general safety and that it would just creep me out.

"I don't really believe in ghosts or spirits that haunt dwellings, but if any place were to ever have made me consider changing my mind, this would be it."

Creepy. Definitely worth re-opening though, it looks sick.

Featured image credit: Barcroft

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