'Britain's Best Boss' Lets His Staff Take Unlimited Holidays And He's Taking On Staff

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'Britain's Best Boss' Lets His Staff Take Unlimited Holidays And He's Taking On Staff

It's coming to the end of the final university semester, and a lot of students are going to be currently working through massive three-hour long application forms, only to receive another: 'Sorry, we've decided not to progress your application any further' email.

It sucks, but unless you're incredibly well connected and have loads of people you can call on for help in the industry, it's something you have to do.

But why waste loads of time applying for jobs you don't even really want when you could work for Britain's best boss?

Invasion, based in Salford, Manchester, is owned by Lee McAteer. He reckons that if you enjoy your job, then 'you never work a day in your life', and as a result, he tries to make his staff as happy as possible. LAD.


The office is decorated with a stormtrooper, a massive Bart Simpson and even a Sully from Monsters Inc. The 32-year-old's company recently went viral after McAteer filled the office with balls to make it into a giant ballpit. It took him from 3am to 5am to fill it up with 250,000 balls before his staff turned up on Wednesday morning.

He said: "They guys couldn't believe it and they absolutely loved it.


"We wanted to reward the guys for all their hard work and we like to do things differently."

But what exactly does the company do? Well they run trips and breaks for people to travel worldwide. This includes Americamp and Camp Thailand - so obviously travel is a big part of their company.

As a result, he likes to send some of his staff abroad. Some have been to Disneyland and Wrestlemania, and in March he took ten of his staff on a trip to America, where they visited New York, Atlantic City and finally Vegas.


He said: "It was mental we went to Vegas for Spring Break with some of our top performers.

"We stayed in the Bellagio and ended up at a David Guetta pool party.

"It was all crazy. We started in New York, went to Atlantic City and ended up in Vegas.

"A lot of the guys get to travel."


However, he stresses that when they're travelling they should be having fun and 'not working'. He never checks his senior staff's holidays either because he trusts them to get the work done. Legend.

He often buys them all pizza, or McDonalds, and even got a bacon bap van to come to their work to provide staff with butties.


Ross Alcock, 22, works as a Marketing Manager at the company. He said: "Lee's brilliant - we're always having fun and he's always taking people away.

"I've worked here three years and I've been away loads of times. We went to Wrestlemania and now I'm actually working on setting up tours for people to go.

"I spent five months in Thailand running one of our projects. If you ever need any help or have any problem he can help. I get brought in in a lot of big projects and he just lets me get on with them and run.

"He's a great guy to work for and he's always going the extra mile for people."

The company are currently looking for staff, so take a look here and see if anything tickles your fancy.

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