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Cambridge University Has Created A Job Around Playing LEGO

Cambridge University Has Created A Job Around Playing LEGO

Incredible scenes Jeffrey Stelling!

A job you might have thought fit only for a child has been put on the market for budding adults instead.

Cambridge University has announced it will be recruiting a 'LEGO Professor of Play'. Someone who can "examine the importance of play and playfulness in education globally" so they can teach children about problem solving and teamwork.

Cambridge - the highest ranked uni in the UK - is on the lookout for someone with a "childlike mindset" and "an academic who is playful, extremely curious, open-minded, imaginative and creative", according to the Guardian.

"The value of play is relatively under-researched," Cambridge University education professor Anna Vignoles said.


"The aim of the centre is to conduct rigorous research into the importance of play and how playful learning can be used to improve students' outcomes."

In short, it's one big excuse for grown adults to play LEGO and get paid for it. In these days of economic strife, that's an offer all too good to pass up.

Still, it's barely the best job in the world. Did you know, for example, there is such a thing as a bed tester? 'Director of bed bouncing' at Premier Inn, Natalie Thomas, gets paid to test the comfort level of 46,000 beds, spending 20 minutes on each.

Then there's beer testing. Similar in practice to bed testing, beer testing's only downside is that you might get poisoned, or, at the very worst, be forced to swallow a craft ale.

Arguably the greatest job in the world, though, is a water slide tester. I assure you this is a real thing. In January 2013, Leeds student Sebastian Smith bagged himself a £20,000 a year job as just this, thanks to First Choice travel company. The job takes him all over the world: Faliraki, Turkey, Jamaica and probably Butlins. Insofar as 'coolness' goes, water slide testing is only slightly better than being a spokesman for a generation like myself.

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