Cheers! Brexit Could End Up Cutting Beer Prices By A Decent Amount

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Cheers! Brexit Could End Up Cutting Beer Prices By A Decent Amount

If you only ever paid attention to your TV screens you'd be convinced that the Brexit vote was in every conceivable way, a complete disaster for the country and its people.

But it's with great joy that I can inform you that the UK leaving the European Union might mean a 20p cut on the price of beer.

Yes, it turns out a vote for Leave was a vote for the sesh.

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) wants the duty on pints sold in pubs to be cut.


The campaigners also want to see a lower price for weaker beers.

As it stands, these motions need approval from the European Commission.

CAMRA has beseached MPs, saying that they should encourage the public to drink in pubs and not at home.

CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine said: "Pubs are a uniquely British institution that showcase our nation's brewing tradition and provide an essential community facility for those that use them.


"It is therefore crucial that beer drinkers and pub-goers are not left behind when it comes to negotiating Britain's future over the coming years."

The EU Excise Duty Directive currently stops our government from giving pubs a better rate of beer duty in comparison to supermarkets.

For example, draught beers below 2.8% get a 50% duty discount. CAMRA wishes to raise this figure to 3.5% considering the strength of pints at any given pub.

This would cut the price of a 3.5% pint by 19p, which doesn't seem much, but we'll take it lads.


CAMRA, arguably one of the finest consumer campaigns of all time, was founded in 1971 and now boasts over 185,00 members across the globe.

They write on their website: "CAMRA's core aims, to promote real ale and pubs, as well as acting as the consumer's champion in relation to the UK and European beer and drinks industry, remain to this day. CAMRA also supports the growing interest in real cider and perry.

"CAMRA members include not simply real ale enthusiasts and regular pub-goers, but also sociable members, who want to meet like-minded individuals, often at CAMRA festivals. We also represent those who wish to learn more about beers and brewing and those value-seekers who appreciate the discounts and special offers we can provide."

I'll drink to that. Cheers!

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Josh Teal
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