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Camera Captures Incredible Moment Man Saves Girl While Under Fire From ISIS

Camera Captures Incredible Moment Man Saves Girl While Under Fire From ISIS

David Eubank used to be a US Special Forces operator, but has since turned his expertise in the field to aid work. His team was helping civilians in Mosul, Iraq, one of Islamic State's lasting strongholds in the country.

Eubank is a part of the Free Burma Rangers, a 'multi-ethnic humanitarian service movement working to bring help, hope and love to people in the conflict areas of Burma, Iraq, and Sudan'. He noticed a little girl hiding from the wrath of an ISIS sniper.

But despite the danger, the 56-year-old dashes out to rescue her, while his two companions provide cover fire. Watch the dramatic footage here:


Credit: YouTube/Nabih Bulos

The incredible video shows Eubank making it back to safety with the young girl. He says that the next day they returned without the protection of a tank and still rescued seven more people.

The rescue was a part of a larger operation that the FBR has been conducting in West Mosul. The organisation says more than 300 people ran from the Zanjili area a few days ago. They also witnessed ISIS militants mercilessly shooting anyone in their path.

A post on Instagram from the group reads: "ISIS fire was intense as we approached the huddled group of three survivors. They were in and amongst over 50 dead bodies spread out along the street - dead babies, mothers, and people of every age - and had been like this for two days in the blazing sun and ISIS shooting."

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Here is the latest news from our team in Mosul, where they are with the Iraqi Army helping frontline IDPs who are fleeing ISIS - first a message from Karen, and then information from Dave received this morning. Thanks for praying! From Karen: Dave called me last night to let me know he'd been shot in the arm and assured me he was ok. I have received some calls of prayer and concern and we are so thankful for those concerns, and prayers that we definitely need. I feel very grateful for God's protection of all our team as He has provided it to this day and am looking forward to getting back where we can put our hands and hearts to action helping as much as we can. I honestly feel that the best way, even the 'safest way' that God has set for us these many years, is to continue consistently in the unique way he has opened for us of 'frontline ministry.' We pray to steward this mission well, with prayerful good judgment, teamwork, and to walk in grace, mercy, faithfulness and gratitude for each other and God's abundant life! From Dave: We are following Lt Hussein, and staying in back of the unit - most of team is back at the CCP (casualty collection point), while Zau, Justin and I follow the front group to pray with and be with them in a very hard situation, and to help the IDPs we free daily amidst the rubble - they come out crying, terrified and some injured as ISIS is pushed back. Some have been trapped for three years, some are ISIS families - we help all - and pray with and for all. We are here to give medical care for the wounded civilians and Iraqi Army. Today we were ambushed by Isis - Hussein was shot 4 times - twice in chest and one in hip and arm and they shot me once in the arm. We evacuated Hussein and pray that he will live. I am ok in every way and thank Jesus.
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In a video uploaded to Facebook, he says: "I think the question that people have to ask themselves is this: if my daughter was there, if my wife was there, if my mother was there what would I do? Would I just wait? Can I wait them out? No, you wouldn't.

"You would move heaven and earth to go and help them and that's what we need to do now."

He brought his wife, Karen, and three kids to Iraq, who were being home schooled just a mile from the front line. Karen helped when injured soldiers or civilians are brought in from the war zone, while their oldest child, Sahale, would assist medics.


He's told the LA Times: "I believe God sent me here, and I don't think about security... but I always ask myself if I'm doing it out of pride."

The family has since returned to their home in Texas. But David is apparently already thinking about his next mission.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Free Burma Rangers

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