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Jennifer Lawrence Is Looking For A Date To Go Wine Tasting With

Jennifer Lawrence Is Looking For A Date To Go Wine Tasting With

You could get sloshed with the star at a wine-tasting event.

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

One of the many very wonderful things about Jennifer Lawrence is just how down to earth the actress seems.

Sure, her performance in 2013's Silver Linings Playbook won her an Oscar for Best Actress, and, as the main star in The Hunger Games, she's headed up one of the most successful movie franchises of all time, but she still seems, you know, normal. Just like one of us. In interviews or on awards stages, she comes across as funny, kind-hearted and intelligent.

Now, there's a chance to find out for yourself if she's actually all those things in real life. Online fundraising platform Omaze has teamed up with the actress to give one lucky fan (and one of their friends) the chance to fly to California and not just hang out with the 27 year-old star, but get sloshed with her at a wine-tasting. At a vineyard.

Credit: Omaze

You'll probably have to talk a little bit of politics while you're with her - the charity the event is raising awareness of is called Represent.Us.

The organisation, of which Lawrence is a board member, is dedicated to passing anti-corruption laws in state, national and local government. Which means they're going to have their work cut out for them.

Still, even if politics isn't your bag, it looks like fun. In a promotional video made to advertise the competition, Lawrence, with a big glass of red wine in one hand, reads out snippets of reviews and tries to guess if they're about her or about wine.

She promises that she and the winner will 'drink wine, talk politics, drink some more wine'.

And then, hinting at everyone's worst drunken habit, goes on to talk about calling exes. Imagine how fun that would be. Probably.

Credit: PA

You don't even have to be of legal drinking age - which is 21 in America, remember? - to enter, but you won't be allowed to drink if you aren't.

Omaze give you ten entries for free, but to be in with a real chance of winning you probably have to make a donation.

The minimum amount is $10, but if you're feeling really flush you can donate $5,000 and get a ridiculous 50,000 entries in return. Imagine if you did that and didn't win, though. Not that it's the winning that matter, of course. It's about helping out a great cause. It would be nice to hang out with Miss Lawrence, though, wouldn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Omaze

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