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Lad Swaps London Rat Race To Travel The World As A Photographer

Lad Swaps London Rat Race To Travel The World As A Photographer

George Turner is just 25-years-old, however he's already living life to the full.

When he left university, he managed to bag himself a job in advertising in London. However, after a three-day break to Iceland, he realised that he wanted to travel all the time. So he quit his job and moved to New Zealand.


Easy peasy, ay?!

Middle Earth, also known as New Zealand! How can you beat views like this?!

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Now, he's making more money than when he was stuck in London, and he's living the dream. However, he insists that you don't need to travel half-way across the world to enjoy travelling.

He said: "You don't need to go to Canada or the Alps - Scotland is absolutely stunning. I went to New Zealand (and I travelled over 40 hours to get there) but I could've taken an hour and a half flight to the highlands. Lots of snow, lochs 300 metres deep, it's a pretty wild place.


"It's something which I think a lot of people in the UK disregard really. It's a shame. There's nobody there in terms of population density, it's the least dense place in the whole of Europe - which is quite incredible when you think about the south of England where you literally can't throw a stone without hitting someone."

But what made him literally drop his whole life?!

He continued: "I was on a three day break to Iceland, and I hiked up the volcano, Hekla.

Waterfalls and magical rainbows: welcome to Iceland!

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"This was April, so there was still a tonne of snow. The weather was pretty dodgy to say the least, not somewhere you'd think you'd have an epiphany about your life. I just felt like it was pretty awesome and I wanted to do more of this.

"So I came back to London, quit my job moved to New Zealand within a month. I don't know why I had an epiphany up there, but I'm glad I did."

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However, not everyone was thrilled with his decision.

"My mum, who traditionally is pretty liberal to say the least, had an unexpected reaction. I thought she would was going to be like: 'follow your dreams, do what you want to do', but when I text her saying that I'd quit my job, she replied saying: 'you fucking idiot'.

"She thought that as I'd got onto the ladder career-wise, I was throwing everything away.

"She had a very frank conversation with me in the car just before New Zealand just basically saying: 'are you sure you want to do this, I'll pay you back for your flight if you don't want to do this', but when I got there she was fine."

Seriously blue, seriously powerful. The Waikato River/Huka Falls nr Taupo - love this spot!

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He now travels with his fiance, Rosie Stevenson, who has supported him throughout. In fact, when they started out, they weren't engaged. However, after spending 24/7 with her he realised if 'they can put up with you, that's when you know'.

He works with European tourism boards and high-end retailers as well as capturing nature shots for other clients.

"I'm making much more money now, I mean to be honest with you the reason why I think I make more money now is because I care less about it. Obviously, it allows me to do these things, like travelling etc. but that's not my main focus.

The most magical little village in Middle Earth (or well, New Zealand): Hobbiton. @hobbitontours

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"My main focus is producing great work for my clients and telling amazing stories and getting to go to places. When I was in London all I cared about was my salary. All I was thinking about was my next pay review, now I don't even think about it because if you produce great work you get money anyway."

Well, I'm not at all jealous.

You can check out more of George's work when he takes over TheLENSbible on Instagram on Sunday 17th April.

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: George Turner

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