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London Is Now Home To the World's Largest LEGO Store

London Is Now Home To the World's Largest LEGO Store

Christmas has come early, lads.

The world's biggest LEGO store has been opened and, guess what, it's in ENGLAND BABY.

Well, you probably guessed that from the title but let's pretend it's a shock.


The store opened in London's Leicester Square on Friday and it's the stuff of your childhood-dreams. Christmas has officially come early.

They have massive collections of sets of Star Wars, Marvel, Dimensions, Disney and shitloads more. PLUS a London Underground tube train carriage made from LEGO.

Wait, there's more. For £99 you can get your FACE made out of LEGO.

If that's not the best use of Lego since the rockets you made when you were a kid then I don't know what is.

Check out some more pictures:

Credit: PA Images

Anyone in Manchester fancy clubbing together and doing a car share?

Featured image credit: PA Images

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