People On Reddit Are Going Crazy For This Toilet Roll Holder

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People On Reddit Are Going Crazy For This Toilet Roll Holder

There are often problems with toilet roll.

Which way should it be put onto the roll holder, the thickness of the paper, whether there's enough of it, and the amount of empty cardboard rolls lying around the bathroom are among the deliberations we have to deal with.

Then there is the small matter of changing the loo roll. Sometimes there's a really awkward toilet roll holder that will crumble into 15 pieces if you touch it. That's why the Japanese 'Hand-Be' holder is impressing so many people.


Simply, you push a fresh toilet roll into place and the holder uses a simple mechanism where prongs split in half, moving in an upward direction, pushing the finished roll out. The prongs then fall back into place, holding the new roll.

It impressed many Reddit users, and when that happens, you know you're doing something right.

User potsandpans said: "Why are Japanese bathrooms 5000 times more advanced than western bathrooms? I feel like a fucking savage."


gdubs69 commented on the awesome invention, saying: "Why are we not funding this!?!?"

Monkeybrian3 said: "Japan always comes through with innovative inventions. Plus when I visited there their port-a-potty flushed, it was really awesome," which would definitely make festivals easier.


Quite a few people were just generally impressed with Japan's innovation, with one person saying: "My experience: pretty much anything engineered by the Japanese will be awesomely practical and useful." And another commenting: "Oh the glorious Japanese, is there anything they can't do?". And finally someone saying: "When it comes to everything about toilets and bathing and bathrooms, the Japanese are absolutely slaying it. The rest of us are inferior, inefficient, and frankly, kind of dirty."

Luckily, you don't necessarily have to travel to Japan just to enjoy the genius of this toilet roll holder - you can buy a similar one online.

The 'EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder' has been featured on Amazon and can be installed in your home for under $15 (£11).

Words by Mark McGowan


Featured image credit: possumopossum via Imgur

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