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Tourist Saved By Monkeys After Becoming Lost In Amazon Rainforest

Tourist Saved By Monkeys After Becoming Lost In Amazon Rainforest

A tourist who got lost in the Amazon rainforest for nine days has claimed that a group of monkeys saved his life.

Maykool Coroseo Acuña, 25, from Chile, was camping in Bolivia near the Tuichi River in February when he disappeared from his cabin.

The area he was in was especially remote. In fact, it's only accessible by boat and is miles away from the closest town.

Maykool claims that he only survived thanks to a group of monkeys who "dropped him fruit and led him to shelter and water every day."


The night before his disappearance, he refused to take part in a traditional ceremony that gives thanks to Mother Earth for letting them visit her forest. Feizar Nava, the owner of Max Adventures who organised the trip, believes that he went missing because of this. They said: "It's because he offended the Pachamama (Mother Earth). He didn't want to participate in the ceremony."

Locals believe that if you offend Mother Earth, she'll send a sprite called Duende - who takes victims in hides them in another dimension - to get you, reports New York Post.



The group said that he was only alone for 'five minutes' before he went missing.

Nine days after he has initially gone missing, rangers heard Acuña screaming from a riverbank less than a mile from camp.


When he was eventually found, Maykool was dehydrated, weak and badly bitten and stung by bugs all over his body. He said that at one point he began 'losing his mind': "I started running. I was wearing sandals and I said no, they would slow me down. I threw away the sandals, then the cell phone and my flashlight.

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"And after running so much, I stopped under a tree and I started thinking. What had I done, what was I doing? And when I wanted to get back, it wasn't possible."

The rainforest includes Rosillo, Lucachi and Titi monkeys - it's unclear which ones 'saved' him. However, Maykool says it was 'God' who he credits the miraculous rescue to.


This isn't the first time animals have saved a human.

Dog Saved Owner By Lying On Top Of Him To Keep Him Warm

A man, only known as Bob, was saved by his dog after slipping and breaking his neck. It happened on New Year's Eve in Michigan when the temperature was -4C.

Speaking to the Independent, Bob said: "I was screaming for help but my nearest neighbour is about a quarter mile away and it was 10.30pm, but my Kelsey [the dog] came.


"She kept barking for help but never left my side. She kept me warm and alert. I knew I had to persevere through this and that it was my choice to stay alive.

"By morning my voice was gone and I couldn't yell for help, but Kelsey didn't stop barking. She was letting out this screeching howl that alerted my neighbour. He found me at 6:30pm on New Year's Day."

Hiker Saved By Cat When He Got Lost In The Alps

A Hungarian man took to Reddit to share the story of a cat saving his life.

He sprained his ankle in the Alps, but luckily came across the cat.

He wrote: "She was walking and kept looking at me to follow her and led me straight to the path that would take me back down to the valley."

Apparently, the cat belonged to a couple who own a local hostel, and many people who commented on Reddit saying they'd met the cat in the past. Weird.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Marcos Uzquiano

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