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Decent Chance UK Will Be Able To See The Northern Lights Overnight

Decent Chance UK Will Be Able To See The Northern Lights Overnight

Always wanted to see the Northern Lights but can't be arsed travelling to Norway or Iceland? You're in luck because they're gonna be visible from the UK tonight, hopefully.

In a geomagnetic storm watch, weather experts have said inhabitants of north England, Northern Ireland and Scotland could be jammy enough to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. Here's an old documentary on the phenomenon.

Here's what the Northern Lights are all about. Credit: BBC4


Image: Caters

The Space Weather Prediction Center has said the light's visibility is the result of "magnetospheric disturbances caused by Earth's transition into increased solar wind speeds from a recurrent coronal hole."

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The Met Office predicts the North East of England will provide better visibility than the North West due to cloud cover.


You ain't gonna see nothin' like this. Image: PA

So what's the best tips? Look to the north (a given), get away from any artificial light sources and hope for the best. If you don't see them, or you live in the south, then it's probably just best you book a holiday to Norway or Iceland.

The Northern Lights are produced by solar particles that have crossed into the Earth's atmosphere.


Featured image credit: SWNS

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