Dan Bilzerian’s 2016 Year In Review Video Is The Most Dan Bilzerian Ever

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Dan Bilzerian’s 2016 Year In Review Video Is The Most Dan Bilzerian Ever

While 2016 was tough for a lot of us for many reasons, Dan Bilzerian had an absolute cracker of year.

Now, he's taken to Instagram to share it with us mere mortals, so we can see what life would be like if we were trust fund kids professional poker players and social media stars.

I don't really know what you're expecting from this video, but let me tell you it has all the Dan Bilzerian ingredients: guns, poker, tanks, money, working out, exotic locations, yachts and a million gorgeous women not wearing very much.



Fucking hell, he's packed a lot in, hasn't he? I feel like my year in review would just be me on a train, me at my desk and me in probably the worst pub in Liverpool, over and over again.

However, while this living the high life is all well and good, I think it's time he tried something new.

How about some pictures of him putting the bins out or a video of him trying to navigate his way around Tesco with one of those trolleys that has a dodgy wheel, all the while surrounded by women in bikinis? Then I'll be impressed.


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