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​Ed Sheeran And Russell Crowe Bond Over Nothing Other Than Getting Shitfaced

​Ed Sheeran And Russell Crowe Bond Over Nothing Other Than Getting Shitfaced

Ed Sheeran's back and it feels like you can't look anywhere without seeing his little freckle-spotted face. First, everyone was going on about how Princess Beatrice nearly blinded him with a sword, then he caused a bit of drama with the police with his lyrics to Castle On The Hill, and now he's telling everyone about how he's best mates with Russell Crowe.

Which, weirdly, I think is the most unbelievable story out of the three.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter and the 52-year-old actor seem to have nothing in common when you look at them at face value. And you know what? You'd be completely right to think that. The only reason they hang out is because they both like drinking.

Ed. I like drinking. Can we be best mates?


He was talking about his friendship with Russell in an interview with Nova's Kent 'Smallzy' Small on Tuesday in Australia. He explained: "I've started hanging out with Russell Crowe because he loves getting drunk and I love getting drunk,

"We don't get anything from each other other than just a night out,

"We get an enjoyment of hanging out rather... There is no boost in either of our careers from our association."

That's a fair point.


The pair met back in February 2015 when Russell presented him with he British Album of the Year gong at the BRIT Awards.

Since then, we assume they've been hanging out privately as they've not actually been pictured together. House beers are underrated.

Ed's inner circle seems to be growing by the day as he's also got his old pal from school, James, to fit in on these nights out.

The old best mates were recently reunited on The Graham Norton Show.


The show had Matthew McConaughey, Christina Ricci, comedian Josh Widdicombe and, of course, our Ed.

As usual, the episode went swimmingly. So far so Norton.

Then there was a very cool red chair.

On came James, from the county of Suffolk, though currently residing in London.


James. Credit: BBC

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Then, it materialised, him and Ed used to be good friends as young children, and James' mum accidentally fed Ed a juicy sausage, full of meat (even though he was a vegetarian) and the banter kept on flowing from there.

Take a look here...


Credit: BBC

It's not every day that you get to see your old mates from primary school.

What Else Has Ed Been Up To?

Ed's recently managed to get his face on the cover of GQ which is pretty damn impressive. This short video was released by the magazine which basically shows all of Ed's new tattoos.

The first one (and our favourite) is this one:

LADZ ON TOUR. He got this because he was on tour with a load of lads. Make sense.

He got this Japanese symbol to commemorate the first time he played in Japan. In his own words, he says: "I think I know what it means, but it might be like Yo Sushi or something."

He got this one in Australia but didn't say why. I presume it's because he performed there.

He then showed off his lion tat. He said: "The one that means the most to me is this lion and it's the one I got the most stick for. They go 'well what about when you're an old man?' and I'm like I'll looking fucking cool when I'm older. I might be wrinkly but have you ever seen your grandad with his top off?

"The reason why I got the lion was for Wembley, it was the biggest achievement I've done."

Finally, he showed off this little love-heart with a line through it, that's pretty self-explanatory.

And yes, that scar on his cheek is from the run in with Princess Bea.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

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