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Paris Jackson Takes To Twitter To Defend Her Father After New Accusations Surface

Paris Jackson Takes To Twitter To Defend Her Father After New Accusations Surface

Yesterday, reports emerged regarding some never-before-seen documents the Santa Barbara Police Department had kept hidden from the public.

In them you'd find chilling details about their raid on Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch and what the deceased singer was up to prior to the 2003 investigation into child molestation.

It makes for some pretty grim reading, if it is to be believed.

But now his daughter Paris Jackson has spoken out about the matter and defended her father's battered reputation with a series of tweets...



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Paris Jackson Says It's ‘Not Her Role’ To Defend Her Dad

Of course, the initial damaging reports are unconfirmed. You just hope none of it is true.

Despite having been accused of child abuse in 1993, it was ten years later when the second round of allegations truly dogged the legendary singer's life.

After allowing British TV presenter Martin Bashir to follow him around with a camera crew, a particularly disturbing scene was caught of Jackson holding hands with a young boy and discussing sleeping arrangements.


As soon as Living With Michael Jackson was aired, the Santa Barbara county attorney began a criminal investigation.

He was arrested in November 2003 but acquitted of seven counts of child molestation and two counts of administering an intoxicating agent after a trial in 2005.

Despite acquittal, accusations of child abuse followed Jackson to his grave.

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