Did You Know There Were Coral Reefs In Ireland?

Did You Know There Were Coral Reefs In Ireland?

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Richard Hammond Shows Off Customised Electric Wheelchair In New Video

Richard Hammond Shows Off Customised Electric Wheelchair In New Video

Richard Hammond has been showing off his new wheelchair after being released from hospital following the horrific 120mph crash.

As you will have definitely heard by now, Hammond managed to escape a burning £2m supercar that crashed while he was filming in Switzerland for The Grand Tour with co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May.

As you can see in the above video that was posted to the DRIVETRIBE YouTube channel, 57-year-old Hammond is quite enjoying his new wheelchair. He'll be using the aid while his fractured knee gets better.


He demonstrates that he's managed to get twin holders for his crutches on each side of his wheelchair. Genius. As he points out, they should really come as standard for those who use both a wheelchair and crutches. It just makes sense.

After sitting down in his wheelchair, Hammond drives off shouting: "Oh yeah. Flat out."

Careful now, Richard. We don't want any more accidents.

Hammond was involved in the horrific crash just over two weeks ago.


Luckily, it soon became apparent that the incident hadn't taken too much of a toll on Hammond, despite Jeremy Clarkson saying it was one of the worst crashes he's ever seen.

He soon recorded a video for his fans to let them know that he was okay. In typical Hammond fashion, he ensured that there was a tinge of humour.

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Credit: DriveTribe/Richard Hammond


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He showed off his heavily braced leg, along with an x-ray of what was going to happen to it.

Following the incident a source told The Sun: "The crash was really bad. The car completely flipped and then burst into flames.


"There was real concern for Richard but the emergency services were quickly on hand and he's a very lucky boy.

"It brought back horrendous memories of the 2006 crash for those who witnessed it."

DRIVETRIBE posted a video of the incident on their YouTube channel, and you can see just how bad it was...


Fair play, we're glad he's alright and on the mend.

Featured Image Credit: Drive Tribe/YouTube

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