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​Amir Khan’s Wife’s Takes To Snapchat  After Husband Cheats​

​Amir Khan’s Wife’s Takes To Snapchat After Husband Cheats​

Isn't that cute!



The drama continues in the Khan household.

Just hours after it's revealed that a US porn site had received x-rated footage of Amir Khan pleasuring himself while on a Skype call to a woman from Arizona weeks after his wedding, his wife Farayal has taken to Snapchat.

Here it is...

Credit: Snapchat

She's not calling him out or anything - she's standing by her husband by posting pictures of Amir and their daughter with the caption "my two babies."

The clip shows a different side to strict Khan - as the family man, rather than the cheating husband.

Initial reports were that she was "disgusted" by the shocking footage of her husband cheating on him, but it appears she wants it all to blow over.

All has now been well for the Khans for some time now - Farayal and Amir's conservative family have often clashed, with Amir's own father saying the two love birds were heading for a divorce. His family thinks that she shows too much skin and isn't an appropriate wife for the boxer and philanthropist.

Farayal has hit back and says his family are abusing her, according to The Sun.

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