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Vicky Pattinson Should Have A Better Excuse For Her 'Gurning' On 'Xtra Factor'

Vicky Pattinson Should Have A Better Excuse For Her 'Gurning' On 'Xtra Factor'

Could have been more inventive.

Ex-Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattinson has rubbished the claim made that she was gurning on a recent Xtra Factor appearance.

Pattinson, 28, was the subject of scorn by many who believed her jaw - which admittedly looked as though it was in a different postcode altogether - was playing up for obvious reasons.

The TV personality defended her erratic appearance to OK! Magazine during an interview, saying her jaw is naturally spontaneous.

"My jaw movement is something that I've always done," she said.

"I did it in the [I'm a Celebrity] jungle and I got stick for it.

"It gets worse when I drink and I didn't drink once in the jungle, yet people were still questioning it."

Take a look for yourself.

Image: ITV2

Maybe irritable jaw is a thing. Maybe we're wrong to judge. But if I'm honest, I was expecting a better excuse. Here's my pick:

"I was checking if my wisdom teeth were coming through."

"Someone put peanut butter on the roof of my mouth like they do with dogs in movies to make it look like they're talking."

"My lipstick tasted like Marmite. Try and keep me from eating Marmite!"

"Xtra Factor is so boring I resorted to counting my teeth."

"Was just tryna recreate a Picasso portrait. Get off my back, will ya."

"Alright, I did one dab, but I'm famous so it's cool."

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