When Bad Things Happen To Bad People

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When Bad Things Happen To Bad People

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It's true, bad things happen to good people, life is not fair at the best of times and the good do die young. The sooner we get over that, then the sooner we can refocus the lens and start looking at this subject from a new perspective. Only then can we zoom out to see the both sides - bad things also happen to bad people.

Nothing cheers us up more than seeing karma happen in action. So, if you are suffering from the post-Bank Holiday blues and are looking for something to put a smile back on your face as you start the four-day working week, then you need look no further. Here is what happened when bad things happened to bad people. You're welcome.


Driver refusing to let car in
If we all acted the same way on two feet as we do when we are behind the wheel of a car, the world would be a scary and violent place. A saloon car is seen refusing to let a much bigger vehicle in and his selfish act didn't go unnoticed. Once the rejected car finally overtakes the stubborn driver, he is seen pulling up. Why? Well, noticing a muddy puddle, the 4x4 launches his attack. The wave from the puddle lands over the car. I just hope the window was down.

Video credit: YouTube/Billy Micky


Slashing a tire that blows up in guy's face

A video shows an angry man slash a truck's tire that is parked on the side of the road. It's not clear what the motive was but he certainly wasn't expecting what came next. He buries the knife into the rubber. It explodes in his face, sends him flying, rips his t-shirt off in the process and then face plants into the curb.

Video credit: YouTube/New Everyday News!

Ice hockey spectator learns harsh lesson after taunting injured player
You don't mess with ice hockey players. They're hard as nails. An injured hockey player wipes away blood from his face after an incident. One spectator, behind the protective glass, decides to taunt him. Being the bigger man, the hockey star skates away. In a beautiful rendition of karma, the game restarts, the puck is shot by another player. It flies over the barrier and incidentally lands in the idiot's face.


Video credit: YouTube/Amazinglife 247

It's crystal clear, thieving is wrong

A man in Perth, Australia, is seen making a break for it having just snatched a woman's handbag. He's running pretty fast when he smashes through a glass window, which he thought was an empty doorway. The whole thing was captured on CCTV.

Video credit: YouTube/FirstNewz101


Man receives karma after abusing cat
The poor cat is taking a nap on a seat when a brute of a man takes his guitar and at first starts playing to startle the pet. He then pushes the feline friend off the chair and kicks him/her away.

Playing his guitar for the camera - he's obviously single and very lonely - the tool gets somewhat of a headache when the abused cat runs upstairs knocking over one of the plant pots off and it accurately lands on his head. Who has plant pots on their stairs anyway?

Video credit: YouTube/Tyler Durden

I don't know about you, but I believe in karma. Having now laughed at the serious misfortune of others, something bad is bound to happen to me, but it was worth it.

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