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Girl Tracks Down Guy On Twitter, Finds True Love And Travels the World

Girl Tracks Down Guy On Twitter, Finds True Love And Travels the World

Who says love is lost in the world of Tinder and social media?

Sydney teen Leonie Sii was experiencing a dark time in her life in 2012 when she stumbled on a video tutorial for a game.

She couldn't stop laughing and wanted to track down the video's creator, Mattias Holmbom, to thank him.

Leonie sent a tweet to Mattias, who lives in Sweden, saying, "You sir, are amazing."


After nine months of chatting, Mattias' dad bought him a ticket to Australia so he could meet his love face to face.

He spent a month in Sydney before Leonie moved to Switzerland for a year to fulfil the requirements of her university degree.

The lovebirds visited a whopping 15 countries over the 12 months!


:flag_au: Happy Straya day folks. #australiaday #straya #:flag_au: #:koala:

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This is what I look like when I'm happy. #tb:back: # :flag_se: #sweden #stockholm

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#:flag_se: Reliving #Sweden through photographs.

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Leonie told Daily Mail Australia: "'We went to Denmark without a plan, discovered beautiful nature we didn't even know existed, hiked through Switzerland and just explored the world together."


The couple has since moved back to Sydney where they are both working in online jobs.

The Swede said: "We came from different parts of the world, and we'd sort of been hiding in our own little dungeons in our own rooms."

"Since we found each other, we've been going everywhere in the world and it brought us both a new perspective on what life is."

They're not the only couple to have a chance encounter


Teenagers Linda Thibodeaux and Jordan Merecka were both waiting for life-saving transplants at the same hospital in Texas when their physical therapists though they should meet.

The pair bonded over their medical struggles, with Linda telling TV network ABC13: "I'd never met anyone my age who was going through pretty much the same exact thing."

Credit: ABC 13

"You're never probably ever going to find someone else who knows what you've been through and relate to it like she can," added Jordan.

Linda received a new heart but Jordan had to wait five months before a suitable donor was found.

Six months after they both recovered from their surgeries - they became organ donor campaigners.

A great, inspirational story.

Words Stewart Perrie

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/theleoniesii

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