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Ed Sheeran Brought To Tears After Visiting Africa For Comic Relief

Ed Sheeran Brought To Tears After Visiting Africa For Comic Relief

He went to Liberia to speak to some kids.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Ed Sheeran broke down into tears on his visit to Africa after speaking to some of the children there.

He went to a school in West Point, Liberia in West Africa and spent his time jamming with them and getting to know their stories.

Writing for the BBC, he said: "There are hundreds of thousands of people crammed in to West Point, most of them living in squalor, so getting an education is a privilege and not something all of the kids get to do."

He explained that he met a girl called Peaches who, unlike the rest of the children he'd met, was not in school uniform. She explained that her father died during the Ebola crisis, and her mother couldn't afford to send her to school anymore.

Credit: BBC / Comic Relief

He continued: "We had an impromptu jamming session and the girl could really sing. Peaches sang a song that reminded her of her father and as she did, tears started to roll down her face. The enthusiasm that was initially shining out of her disappeared.

"It was at this point that the reality of Peaches' situation, and many, many kids just like her, hit me really hard."

He broke down in tears as he realised just what those kids have to go through on a daily basis.

He continued: "I've no doubt that with the right opportunities Peaches absolutely could be a singer, or a teacher, or she could very well end up running the country. Just a small amount of money can make such a big difference in a place like West Point and at least gives these kids a fighting chance. I know this because I've seen it with my own eyes.

"Just £45 could be life-changing to someone like Peaches, it could pay for a child in Liberia to go to school for a whole year. I really hope the money we raise this Red Nose Day can help thousands of children, just like Peaches, to follow their dreams."

He also explained that the children were fascinated by his tattoos, and some even attempted to rub them off.

Ed's tattoos are pretty impressive. He recently showcased them for GQ in this short video after appearing on their front cover.

He initially showed off his 'LADZ On Tour' one which, I have to admit, is my favourite. Although it should be LADs, but we'll let him off.

Next up, a Japanese symbol to commemorate the first time he played in Japan. In his own words, he said: "I think I know what it means, but it might be like Yo Sushi or something."


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He also has this Australian one, but didn't explain the reasoning.

Then the infamous massive lion head...

He said: "The one that means the most to me is this lion and it's the one I got the most stick for. They go 'well what about when you're an old man?' and I'm like, 'I'll looking fucking cool when I'm older'. I might be wrinkly but have you ever seen your grandad with his top off?

"The reason why I got the lion was for Wembley, it was the biggest achievement I've done."

Finally, he showed off this little love-heart with a line through it, that's pretty self-explanatory.

Credit: GQ

He looks like a colouring in book but if he loves it, he loves it.

Red Nose Day is back on Friday 24th March 2017. To get involved go to and get your free Fundraising Kit

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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